Personal Hall of Fame – Part 14

Rod Carew — In the Hall of Fame: YES (Elected in 1991 on the first ballot)

Rod Carew was the greatest Panamanian player in baseball history, and one of the best pure hitters of the past fifty years. Carew was a master of making adjustments at the plate, trying to coerce a pitcher to throw the ball where he wanted it. Carew had the misfortune of first reaching the majors in 1967 at the height of a pitching dominated era. He actually hit okay that year and made the All-Star team, but he wouldn’t really breakout out until 1969, after the mounds were lowered. Carew hit .332 that year, leading the AL. He wouldn’t hit less than .300 for a season again until 1984. Carew was notably a great baserunner. He stole over 300 bases in his career and twice led the league in triples. He’s well known for being quite good at stealing home.

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Personal Hall of Fame – A Decade Done

Before I get started, I’d figure I’d do a quick update on the Holding Tank. As of right now it contains 9 players: Earl Averill, Darrell Evans, Jim Kaat, Kenny Lofton, Sherry Magee, Rick Reuschel, Eppa Rixey, Urban Shocker, and Joe Tinker. Going into this edition, I’m not much closer to a decision on any one of these guys, but there are a few guys coming up who are comparable to these guys. Since I’m doing eight at a time now, I think I’ll wait until I get sixteen guys in the Tank to reassess anyone, since it will be less work per player. Anyhow, on to some new guys.

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A Few Brief Thoughts, Before We Begin

The first post.

You probably aren’t reading this anywhere close to its date of publication. If you are, cool, but other than that, this post will merely serve as a looking glass as to what I was thinking when I started this space. Which, if you couldn’t tell from the lack of content thus far, wasn’t much.

I do have some cool ideas that I’ll start to roll out here. But for now this is it. Enlightening, isn’t it.

In the even that I ever need a ridiculously absurd anecdote or trivia, the last word of this post is caracal.