You navigated to this page because either you were particularly interested in what I was saying or because you have no clue what is going on. If the former is true, then I am sorry to disappoint you that this is a rather facetious page of nothingness. If it is, in fact, the latter, then I am slightly more sorry because, while you will receive equally useless information here compared to someone completely enamored with their mental projection of my voice, you are less likely to find some sort of entertainment from slogging your way through this thoroughly unnecessary passage.

It’s worth noting that, prior to this sentence, this about description contained exactly one hundred words. Well, it would have been, had I not included this equally frivolous paragraph which abruptly destroys the careful symmetry and stunning completedness of this page. Then again, it is only due to the whims of early western civilization mathematicians that the number one hundred is a particularly notable one.

Considering the abject uselessness of the preceding two paragraphs, you would expect that this one would be equally useless, which would be both a reasonable and an accurate assumption. In fact, should anyone wish to debate the usefulness of this page with you, it would be prudent to argue that each successive paragraph becomes even more worthless to intelligent beings. Although, if you somehow managed to find someone willing to debate the value of this internet space, then you are probably speaking to frogs or something.


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